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When can I submit my proposal for consideration?

Premiere Stages will begin accepting submissions on June 15, 2018. Playwrights will have until 11:59 p.m. on September 1, 2018 to send their submissions to


Is there a fee to submit?

No. There is no application fee for any Premiere Stages program.


Can I submit a full script instead of a proposal?

The Liberty Live Commission is intended to support completely new works that are developed with the support of Premiere Stages; we discourage playwrights from submitting proposals for scripts that they have also developed elsewhere.


Can I submit a proposal for a musical?

The Liberty Live Commission is not currently accepting proposals for works of musical theatre. Plays that include music as part of the action (music played or sung by characters onstage, for example) are permitted. 


I want to write about something not listed in the "Recommended Submission Topics." Will you still consider my proposal?

Absolutely! The recommended submission topics are ideas to prompt writers to start thinking about New Jersey's dramatic history. We are always happy to read proposals for other exciting topics of which we're not yet aware. 


Who decides which proposals move forward?

All of the submitted proposals are reviewed by a panel of theatre and history professionals. This panel submits their recommendations to the Producing Artistic Director and staff of Premiere Stages, who select the list of finalists based on those recommendations and awards the commission after interviewing finalists. 


Why do you interview finalists before awarding the commission?

The finalist interview is a chance for us to get to know playwrights better than we can through their submission packet. We want to hear about your work as a playwright and this historical event in personal terms – what excites you about the story, what you're eager to try as a writers, and what you think the challenges will be – as well as getting a chance to walk through the schedule and hear how you would plan to tackle the two-year writing process. 


When will I be notified of your decisions?

Playwrights whose proposals are finalists will be notified in October to schedule an interview; the commission will be awarded in November 2018. All playwrights will be contacted after the winner is confirmed.


Who are some of the past winners of the Liberty Live Commission?

Premiere Stages has supported four writers in two-year cycles through the Liberty Live Commission: Martin Casella, Deborah Brevoort, James Christy, and E.M. Lewis. For a full list with play descriptions, visit the history page.


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My question isn’t listed here. Who do I contact?

You can email questions about Liberty Live to at any time!